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Saturday, January 31, 2015
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Update 3/1/13


The Savard Professional Series 12” woofer has been prototyped and completed, yielding exciting results. The HiQ Series 12”, car audio line, prototype is only days away from final evaluation. Once evaluated and approved, production will begin on the Pro 12” and HiQ 12” woofers with the 10” versions to follow. Unfortunately delays are common when goals are set high. We have and will continue to progress with the goal of offering a superior product along with knowledgeable support at an affordable price as to maintain each department. I would like to add we love hearing from our supporters (emails welcome).


Thank you for your patience and support,


William Savard Jr.

SAVARD consistently strives to provide the highest quality audio products achieving the finest level of sound reinforcement for your home or car audio system.


Offering knowledgeable technical support regarding various aspects of speaker application and system design.